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    After Effects CC won't launch


      Bought After Effects tonight. Downloaded Creative Commons, went through the whole downloading shazzam with no problems, but once it installed and I hit open, it gave me a couple of errors. Tried reinstalling and scoured the internet and can't quite find anyone with my exact issues, so here I am.


      MacBook Pro, OS X El Capitan 10.11.1... After Effects version 13.6.1.


      Upon start up, it hits me with these three errors in a row before shutting itself down:

      Screenshot 2016-01-01 00.23.09.png

      Screenshot 2016-01-01 00.23.24.png

      Screenshot 2016-01-01 00.24.22.png

      Reinstalled to no avail. Checked my settings/permission rights. I'm the only one who uses the computer, only admin. Not sure how to proceed from here.