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    Impaired download access to Flash player from 22 January 2016 increases security worries

    wibble98765 Level 1

      What folly by Adobe to impair access to updates of its FREE Flash/Animate player without which Adobe’s paying customers would have many fewer viewers of their content.

      The Adobe Flash Player Distribution | Adobe web page is to be put out-of-bounds to those Flash player users who need to download it on 22 January 2016.  This is FREE software which the authors of Flash/Animate content need their viewers to have ready access to.  I am sorry that Adobe seems set on making the excellent Flash player much harder to obtain.  Furthermore, simple easy access to the Flash player downloads is vital for the security of users' computer systems by creating ready access to new less vulnerable updates.  I cannot understand why Adobe feels it necessary to impose this restriction.  Those whose concern is system security will be more inclined than ever to remove Flash player capability from those systems in their care.

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The 'distribution3' link was never intended for public use. It was hidden behind the FPD license application form, but despite a warning in the license email that the link is confidential, people keep publishing it. The binaries are intended for enterprise IT administrators and OEMs who have the expertise to use them properly. Adobe are simply updating the application page so that customers who haven't been granted a distribution license can't access the binaries, and license holders need to sign in so their identity can be checked. The general public have always been required to use the negotiated installer at https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ and nothing about that will change. The only people whose access will be 'impaired' are those who are downloading without permission.


          You have always needed a license to distribute Flash Player binaries. Grabbing the images from the 'distribution3' page without completing the application process is a breach of the Adobe Terms of Use. Doesn't matter one hoot if the program is free or not; you must comply with the vendor's license terms.

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            wibble98765 Level 1

            Thank you for responding Dave.  I was unaware of those licence constraints imposed by Adobe.  It does not help the user when the approved method of updating from the authorised web page https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ has been modified so that the stub binary installer downloaded from that web page no longer works with PCs using SSE-only (i.e. pre-SSE2) compatible x86 processors e.g. AMD Athlon XP 3000+. The full offline installer is compatible with SSE-only x86 processors.

            It is galling to be prevented from using a binary which is compatible with SSE processors when there is now no alternative.  It might be that it was not Adobe's intention to create this difficulty for users of SSE-only x86 processorsIf your 'legitimate' stub binary installer was to once again become compatible with SSE-only x86 processors, I would be delighted to use it.


            It would be good to see Adobe relax its policy in this instance.  Surely the more copies of Flash reader that are deployed, the better for Adobe and its Flash/Animator author customers?

            Flash reader works much better than HTML5 alternatives, in particular seeming to run very well on older less powerful PCs.

            BTW, my name is Pugson.  I guess that I struck the wrong key when entering my name while registering with the Adobe community.  You must think that I am another kind of animal.