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    Adding and re-ordering photos in Lightroom to make a book

    pbfp Level 1

      I am trying to make a book using the LIghtroom templates which I like very much.  I have chosen more photos than I know I will use, but until I am able to work on the layouts, I don't know which photos I will want.  So I have over 800 photos in a collection.  Then I have chosen as a default page a layout with 6 photos because I can't figure out how to start without letting Lightroom automatically place the. photos in a book .


      So question #1:  Is there some way to work in the book module without having Lightroom automatically place the photos from the collection?  I have cleared all the selection photos, but then I can't get to the ones in the collection.  I click on that collection but nothing happens -- in other words it doesn't open to let me select a photo for a given page.


      Question #2:  If I keep the automatically placed photos and then try to go page by page to organize the book, I select a page template -- I certainly don't want all the pages to have 6 photos -- how do I find the photos I want to use for that page?  Again, the collection where I have assembled all my possible choices won' to pen.


      When using the old Blurb software, I could load all my photos on the left hand side of the screen and then go page by page, picking a template and dragging the photos into it.   So:  Question #3:  Is there any way to do that in Lightroom?  I like the templates in Lightroom so I would like to be able to use some of the templates that aren't in the Blurb software.  I know I could set up a page in InDesign and then use it as a "photo" to bring into a full page of Blurb, but that is also more complicated than I want to get.


      I am using Lightroom CC on a pc 64 bit.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Phyllis Perkins