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    Some hyperlinks not working on iPhone/iPad


      Hello and Happy New Year,

      I have a strange issue and not sure where to ask, but maybe someone has encountered something similar.  I create a digital magazine using InDesign, I then use the Adobe Presets to create a PDF to distribute to the subscribers.  I use the setting to include the hyperlinks.  Inside the document I have different types hyperlinks (some just text links and some picture links), usually when a picture is clicked it routes the end user to the advertisers site.  This works fine for all the hyperlinks throughout when I'm on my PC.  I can then view the link to the PDF in the Safari browser on my iPhone 6 Plus and all the hyperlinks work, but two.  However if I open the document in iBooks none of the links work at all.  If I use Google Chrome on my iPhone all the links work.


      I wondered if maybe the two links that don't work had something unique, but they are no different than the other links that work so I'm at a loss. 


      Thank you for reading