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    Custom Book template folder - Lightroom CC


      Under Edit>>Preferences>>Presets I have the "store presets with this catalogue" box checked - it has been checked from day one of installation. And my presets and templates seem to be stored in subfolders within the folder "Lightroom Settings" which lives on the same drive as my catalogue. I thought everything was working well until I started using the Book module. I created a custom template within the Book Module and then checked to make sure that it was indeed saved to the "Lightroom Settings" folder, but it was not there. There are no Book templates there, that I could find. I eventually found my custom template in Users/myname/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Lightroom/Layout Templates  which rather defeated the point of having checked the "store presets with this catalogue" box. I still cannot find what looks like the normal Book templates that come with LR. And there appear to be all sorts of random LR templates and presets in the Users/myname/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Lightroom/Layout Templates though most seem to be where I thought they should be.

      Is this a bug in the book module? I am now very confused about what to expect from checking the "store presets with this catalogue" box. The way it works does have an impact on my back-up regime.  And where are those elusive book templates?