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    Lightroom CC - Editing in external editor with images located on external drive issues


      I recently moved the majority of my image containing folders to external hard drive. In general everything runs smoothly within Lightroom (running latest CC). However, if I try to use an external editor from within Lightroom, I am successful opening up image in Photoshop CC if this is chosen. However, if I try to edit in one of the NIK Collection programs (i.e. Viveza 2) or Affinity Photo I get error messages. The Tiff copy is generated within lightroom but when the external editor launches the following messages are encountered ...

      • Viveza 2  - "The file info.Plist could not be opened"
      • Affinity Photo -  "Failed to open file  -    /Volumes/4Tb My Book 2 Backup/Backups.backupdb/Neil Castle’s iMac/2015-10-20-202036/Macintosh HD/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS5/Plug-ins.localized/Photoshop Filters.localized/Unsharp Mask.aip/Contents/Resources/he.lproj/InfoPlist.strings  The file type is not supported." . My back up external drive is "4Tb My Book 2 Backup" but my images are on an external drive called "4Tb My Book 1"

      However, if I move the folders containing the problem images onto my desktop (iMAC 27 2015) from within Lightroom the edit in ...... external editor command works fine. The images open with Nik Collection and Affinity Photo and save back to Lightroom when Save. Has anyone experienced this issue? And if you have, is there a resolution?

      Any help/guidance much appreciated.