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    Needs some advice in upgrading.

      I could really use some advice on upgrading Robohelp versions.

      We have two Windows XP machines, both are currently running Robohelp Office X5 (Macromedia) using two different serial numbers (product key number).
      I am currently the only tech writer at my company and what I ultimately need is to run both X5 and Robohelp 8 on my machine.

      Here is what I'd like to do:
      I'd like to somehow move the second license over to my machine and only upgrade one of the licenses in order to be running both versions on one machine.
      How can I do this? Can I install the X5 using the second serial number to my machine that already has X5 on it as long as I just rename the new directory? And then just upgrade the one serial number? I really want to run both versions, but I sure would like to hear if anyone has tried this before.
      It seems like in theory it should work.
      Or is there a better way to accomplish this?
      I looked on the Adobe Web site to see if I could send a free email to ask them before buying, but it appears that their free assistance begins after purchase of Robohelp 8. (My current version is X5 from Macromedia, so it's not registered with Adobe.)

      A bit apprehensive, but hopeful,
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          DebWriter Level 1
          After entering my new topic, I found a number for Adobe Sales and called. They said that as long as I had the second serial number that I could install Robohelp 8 directly onto the system w/o installing X5 (second serial number) first.

          I guess even though it's an upgrade, it's a complete install and does not require any of the old files. I wasn't sure how that worked. So unless someone has anything to add, I guess I'm all straightened out. Thanks.
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            Why start another thread?

            There is only one installation CD for both the full version and the upgrade. What is different is the serial number and that tells the setup routine what you have paid for. In your case it will see you have paid for an upgrade but it will not find a version to upgrade from. Rather than force you to install X5 first, Adobe simply require you to enter the X5 serial number.