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    Font won't embed

    Sarah Northway Level 1

      (I reported this at Feature Request/Bug Report Form but I don't know if anybody reads that anymore, so here it is again):


      I'm creating a font which merges glyphs from two other fonts. After I add a particular range of Korean glyphs, Flash Pro 2015 suddenly won't recognize the font. The font still works correctly in Photoshop and other Win 8.1 programs. Adding a different range of Korean glyphs works. The entire original Korean font also works. I've tried two different font programs.


      Steps to reproduce bug:


      1. Install adamhand_normal_BROKEN.ttf and adamhand_italic.ttf from this zip:



      2. Open flash pro 2015, create a new project and go to text > font embedding...


      3. Try to embed the font named "adams hand"


      Results: Only the italic version of the font is available for embedding. The regular version is missing.


      Expected results: adamhand_normal_BROKEN.ttf should be visible and embeddable in flash. It can be used in Photoshop 2015 and elsewhere in Windows 8.1. See adamhand_normal.ttf for a working version - difference is the presence of Korean font glyphs in the broken font.

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          nezarov Level 4

          You have to select each weight and embed it:

          - Create a text field and choose the font "adamhand" then choose the weight "normal" and embed it.

          - Change the weight to "italic" and embed it.

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            Sarah Northway Level 1

            The problem is when Unicode glyph AC00 (the first in the Korean Hangul set) is added to a font, Flash classifies it as a Korean font. It moves it down to the Korean section of the fonts list and breaks any embeds pointing to the old version of the font. Since the italic version did not contain AC00, I saw a second copy of the font in the English/Latin section, but this one was italic only. I mistakenly thought the normal version had disappeared, but it was just down in the Korean section. The two seem to be disconnected - if I try to embed both the Korean normal version and the Latin italic version (as @nezarov suggested), the normal version switches to the italic version and I end up with two copies of italic.

            Adding AC00 to the italics version brought the two fonts back in sync and now I have a single Korean font with regular and italic styles.