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    Missing Files on Countless Folders

    cbea Level 1

      Hello Everyone. I would really appreciate some help on this topic.


      I have thousands of photos that I used to store on my hard drive. It has been complaining for a while that I am running out of space so I finally broke down and bought an external hard drive. My hope is to store all of my photos on the external hard drive and have my original hard drive as a back-up. I copied my Catalog into the new drive, a long with all of the folders that seems to be the master files for the pictures. When I opened up Lightroom, it shows the pictures as previews, but has an exclamation point on each photo. Okay, easy fix, right? Go over to the folder where the files are stored and tell it the pictures live on the new drive. Except no. I have hundreds of folders. For some reason, Lightroom stored my pictures by day. Is there an easy way to redirect all of my files to my external hard drive easily? Or is there a better way to do this?


      Thank you so much!

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Assuming you copied the images by drag-drop of the root picture folder using Finder/Explorer, you just need to tell LR where the new location of that root folder is, and LR will fix everything under that root folder.


          The catch is that LR does not necessarily show you the folder tree as a tree by default.

          In the Library module, Folder panel, right-click on a folder and select "show parent". Repeat as needed until the tree looks like the one shown by Finder/Explorer.


          Now that you have the tree shown, go to the top-most folder marked as missing "?". Right-click on it, select "relocate" or "find missing" or the like.

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            cbea Level 1

            Thank you! This solved the problem entirely!