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    My computer crashes whenever I open After Effects


      Whenever I try and open After Effects, I get a blue screen saying "KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE" and my computer restarts. It started when I downloaded a template for a project. I tried to open it in After Effects and the blue screen appeared. I never download anything so I was like great the one time I buy a template it has a virus. But I scanned it using Symantec and it didn't say anything about any possible viruses... I was just using After Effects a minute before I opened the project so I highly doubt it's an update issue. I'm currently scanning my whole computer for viruses but I don't know I feel like it's something else. Should I try reinstalling After Effects?? If I do this, will it delete my project files? I have a lot that I want to keep because I'm working on a big thing right now and it's all in one file. I'm running the latest version of AE by the way just installed it last week. Runs fine on my Windows 8.1 computer. All drivers up to date. I'd really appreciate any and all help, because I need to finish my video soon...