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    AE CS6 and SSD on windows 7


      Hi.  I  have been using AE CS6 for some time on Windows 7 professional on a BOXX 6 core workstation.


      I recently upgraded the BOXX with a second INTEL SATA SSD drive of 240 GB to complement its smaller 180 GB INTEL SATA SSD.


      Originally, AE CS6 disk and media caches were assigned to a roughly 1 TB Western Digital SATA disc drive (7200 rpm).  AE itself resides on the 140 GB SSD.


      After I assigned all AE media caches to the new 240 GB SSD, and also assigned disc cache to the drive set for 128 GB, (BUT leaving hard disk caching turned off !!!)  AE's multiprocessor rendering speed positively plunged to about a third of what it was when using the much slower WD.  The MP performance stuttered and hung repeatedly during the attempted render.


      When I switched AE CS6 back to caching on the Western Digital disk drive, MP rendering improved to its previous level.


      What is going on, please?  Why is AE having trouble accessing an SSD?


      FYI the system software is up to date and so is the firmware on both SSD and WD drives.


      Will windows 10 make a difference with CS6?