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    RH7 Won't Display Generated help File

      I've been generating basic help files for a year now. But for some reason last night I decided to rearrange the contents in a help system. After doing so I noticed that I could generate the help once. When I closed it and later tried to reopen it (without generating new) I got a message saying

      "Cannot create compiled file. It may be open in another window. Please close all HTML help windows and try again".

      When you click the help generate button it looks as though it is generating something but then nothing opens.

      If you then access the help file (.chm) in the SSL folder and click to open it by double-clicking on it the message says:

      "Cannot open the file mk:@MSITStore<filepath>

      where <filepath> is the location of the .chm help file.

      After the first experience of this, the help display issue now happens with all of the help files and projects that I try to open. These are files and projects that have been working fine till now.

      Can anyone help? I'm due to finish a project in 2 days??