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    Addressing a variable nested in an MC when the MC is attached via Actionscript

      Hello all,

      I've got a movieclip named "buttonmovie" which contains a string variable named "buttonvalue"

      I attach several instances of "buttonmovie" to the _root using attachmovie, naming the instances "buttons" + i.

      As each instance is created, I want to add the "buttonvalue" to a longer string called "seqstring."

      To address the "buttons" + i movieclips, I've tried addressing them literally, "buttons1.buttonvalue" I've tried using the array bracket things, "_root["buttons" + i].buttonvalue" but every time, I try to trace those, flash says it is undefined, even though if I debug it, the instance "buttons1" definitely has a variable "buttonvalue" that is populated with a string.

      Is there a better way to get the desired result? How can I address a variable that is a child of an actionscript spawned MC?