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    Watermark added to print with zoom to fill does not stay anchored at bottom


      I've created a graphic watermark in Lightroom CC (2015.1.1) which is a signature to add to photos that I print.  I've used the lower right anchor point to place the image (signature) and have a horizontal and vertical inset of 3.


      When I print a picture normally there is no issue and I see the signature where I expect to see it within the print.  However, when I use the "Zoom to Fill" feature to fill the photograph to the desired print cell size the signature does not stay anchored at the bottom, but seems to move in the print.  On screen in Lightroom it appears where I expect it to appear, but it's not in the correct location when the print is printed.

      Is this a known issue and/or is there some other setting that needs to be changed to avoid this issue?