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    Make the Acrobat DC "Upgrade" go away.

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      I have Acrobat X Pro. It came with CS6 I think.  I'm fine with that version.. to "upgrade" to Acrobat DC apparently requires changing my subscription to cloud.  I don't want to do that.. however the "option" to "upgrade" to Acrobat DC stays in my list of Updates.  I want it to go away, since it's not part of my subscription.


      How do I do this? 

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          I have the exact same issue.    Their solution was to "uninstall the creative cloud desktop application from your system"


          Here is a transcript of my support call with them.


          info: Thanks for contacting us. We’ll find a representative for you to chat with and keep you posted on your wait time.  
          This chat will become active once a representative responds.

          info: You are now chatting with Rajat Rawat.
          Please don’t close the chat window or browser tab since it will end our chat session.

          Malcolm Thornton: Your file was successfully uploaded: Voila_Capture2017-01-07_03-20-31_PM.png.

          Rajat Rawat: Please allow me 1-2 minute(s) to review your account details.

          Rajat Rawat: Please allow me 1-2 minute(s) to review your account details.

          Rajat Rawat: you need to check this is adobe forums

          Rajat Rawat: you have adobe acrobat 10 this product is not supported

          Malcolm Thornton: Yes I know I have Acrobat 10. I have no need for DC

          Malcolm Thornton: Yet several times a day you are asking me to upgrade it

          Rajat Rawat: may I know your computer operating system

          Malcolm Thornton: MacOs Version 10.12.2

          Malcolm Thornton: Your file was successfully uploaded: IMG_6086.JPG.

          Malcolm Thornton: On the image i just sent you can see the message from CC. Update available for Acrobat DC (which I don't even have installed)

          Rajat Rawat: Intel processor

          Rajat Rawat: Mac OS X v10.5.8 or v10.6.4

          Rajat Rawat: 512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended)

          Rajat Rawat: 1.2 GB of available hard-disk space

          Rajat Rawat: 1024x768 screen resolution

          Rajat Rawat: DVD-ROM drive

          Rajat Rawat: Safari 4 for Mac OS X v10.5.8; Safari 4 or 5.0.x for Mac OS X v10.6.4

          Rajat Rawat: system requirements for mac os

          Rajat Rawat: this acrobat version is not supported on 10.12.2

          Rajat Rawat: you are getting this message to upgrade it with a compatible software.

          Malcolm Thornton: Well it works just fine on 10.12.2

          Malcolm Thornton: I use it often

          Malcolm Thornton: I would upgrade it if it were a free upgrade.

          Rajat Rawat: it can work , but we do not acrobat 10 on this mac computer

          Rajat Rawat: https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/system-requirements-acrobat-family-products.html

          Rajat Rawat: you can check the above link about system requirements

          Malcolm Thornton: That's fine, but this is a CC issue asking me to upgrade

          Rajat Rawat: you can check this issue in adobe forums which is our online community.

          Malcolm Thornton: I have looked online, and I have come across no fix for this ADOBE BUG

          Malcolm Thornton: CC should even be listing Acrobat DC. 

          Malcolm Thornton: Furthermore, nowhere in the upgrade process does it tell you that you have to pay for the product, until the previous version is already removed

          Malcolm Thornton: .. And if you say Remove DC (which isn't installed), its removed Acrobat 10 without warning

          Malcolm Thornton: Both of which I learned the hard way.

          Rajat Rawat: it give you the option to keep the previous version and the present version in adobe acrobat.

          Malcolm Thornton: So how do I get the hundreds of adobe message to stop from telling me to upgrade to a product I don't want

          Rajat Rawat: will installing acrobat DC it gives you the option either to keep previous version or remove it .

          Malcolm Thornton: It does not give you the Option, as it you say leave it, you continue to get the same upgrade message

          Malcolm Thornton: I have done that as well

          Rajat Rawat: you may need to uninstall and reinstall the application , but your operating system do not support adobe acrobat X . We do not suggest you to do any changee because your OS do not support this version of acrobat

          Malcolm Thornton: I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Same results!

          Malcolm Thornton: Either this is a bug in the Creative Cloud app, or Adobe is purposely and forcefully trying to force customer to buy products to stop the error messages.

          Malcolm Thornton: I've been an adobe customer since the early 90's.

          Malcolm Thornton: Never in my history with Abobe have they taken such agressive tactics

          Rajat Rawat: please stay online sir , need to check my resources on this

          Malcolm Thornton: Ok

          Malcolm Thornton: An option is to grant a DC license and then I will stop getting the error messages, or refund my previous purchase.

          Rajat Rawat: your system have compatibility issue with acrobat X

          Rajat Rawat: this is not a supported product for your OS

          Rajat Rawat: it is acrobat DC

          Rajat Rawat: you need to install this application in previous version of MAC os as mentioned earlier

          Malcolm Thornton: Creative Cloud is the most recent version and is fully supported

          Rajat Rawat: We do not have support expertise over chat as this a product which i supported over adobe forums

          Malcolm Thornton: This is a CC issue, as it is the software that is listing and messaging about DC

          Rajat Rawat: yes sir adobe creative cloud is supported version and we provide free upgrades to the subscription holders as they get  no lag in performance.

          Malcolm Thornton: If Acrobat is not support CC should not be looking or reporting is as DC

          Malcolm Thornton: I gave you the screen shot of Creative Cloud reporting Acrobat DC as an Upgrade.

          Malcolm Thornton: CC should list Acrobat DC under "Find Additional Apps" and NOT "Updates".

          Rajat Rawat: it is an upgrade which is compatibile with your MAC os

          Rajat Rawat: it is not an update . we provide update free of cost but upgrade are available for purchase.

          Malcolm Thornton: As it stands the only options for me to correct this ADOBE Bug, are to either license Acrobat DC, or remove Acrobat all together. That is basically what you are forcing me to do. Correct?

          Rajat Rawat: We are not doing this from our end the application is not supported over this mac os version

          Rajat Rawat: so your are getting this message to upgrade it .

          Malcolm Thornton: CC states it is an UPDATE!

          Malcolm Thornton: Look at the screen shot

          Rajat Rawat: your updated mac os may not support it

          Malcolm Thornton: Just like with Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC, listed as a FREE UPDATE

          Rajat Rawat: free updates and upgrade and different thing sir . update changes the versions of the same application verion

          Malcolm Thornton: Is is listed in CC as an UPDATE and not an UPGRADE

          Rajat Rawat: upgrade change the whole version which is better and improved than the previous one.

          Malcolm Thornton: When the latest Photoshop CC Update came out (which I subscribe to). It was listed together with DC as an UPDATE. If I selected "Update All" which I have already done once, it installs DC and wants me to pay to use it.

          Rajat Rawat: yes sir DC is a paid subscription service.

          Malcolm Thornton: I understand the difference between and Update and an Upgrade

          Rajat Rawat: In adobe acrobat X you can open the application > click on edit on top left

          Rajat Rawat: in the categories check for update>

          Malcolm Thornton: OK, I'm getting nowhere here, we need to escalate this up to a higher level.

          Malcolm Thornton: By the way, when you check for updates on Acrobat 10, it says its at the most recent release.

          Rajat Rawat: click on edit on top left>

          Rajat Rawat: in the categories check for update>

          Rajat Rawat: edit > categories > updates

          Rajat Rawat: in update you can see if you are getting any option to uncheck updates

          Malcolm Thornton: It is now coming up on almost an hour of my time, and we have gotten nowhere, other than being forced to pay for an UPGRADE for something CC is listing as an UPDATE, or removing the adobe products all together and using a far most cost effective alternative like PDF Expert. Is that what you are telling me?

          Malcolm Thornton: Creative Cloud does not provide options to selectively ignore Applications

          Rajat Rawat: I am telling you to open adobe acrobat click on edit > in categories > updates > need to uncheck any automatic updates

          Rajat Rawat: I am sorry sir but we do not support issue related to adobe acrobat X over the chat as mentioned earlier .

          Rajat Rawat: this product is supported over adobe forums

          Malcolm Thornton: For the LAST time, this is a Creative Cloud issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Rajat Rawat: you need to put your question in forums and our representative will check this and reply back on this.

          Malcolm Thornton: CC is listing the product as an UPDATE, and it is creating the notifications, NOT Acrobat!

          Malcolm Thornton: Please escalate this to your senior manager now please!

          Rajat Rawat: you can uninstall the creative cloud desktop application from your system

          Malcolm Thornton: And how is that suppose to help me with my Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC Applications?

          Rajat Rawat: I need to escalate this case to the higher level team they will check this and contact you back on this issue

          Malcolm Thornton: Of which I subscribe to

          Rajat Rawat: photoshop cc and lightroom are the only creative cloud application under your account .

          Rajat Rawat: rest acrobat products are perpetual.

          Malcolm Thornton: ...and yet CC is listing Acrobat DC as an Update.

          Malcolm Thornton: Thats is the BUG!.

          Malcolm Thornton: Its like I'm speaking to someone that is completely new to software. 

          Malcolm Thornton: Sorry, just extremely extremely flustered that you don't understand the issue.

          Rajat Rawat: if you are getting the update on the CC application  it is because in cc all latest update to acrobat DC are provided

          Rajat Rawat: it is showing you updates for acrobat DC not for the acrobat  X you have .

          Malcolm Thornton: But I don't have DC! It should not be listed at all.

          Malcolm Thornton: CC should completely ignore the fact that Acrobat 10 is installed. It is irrelevant to CC as its not part of CC at all.

          Rajat Rawat: as you do not have the full creative cloud subscription . so you cna uninstall the cc application .

          Malcolm Thornton: I can't install Creative Cloud, as Photoshop and Lightroom are managed through it

          Rajat Rawat: I am sorry sir but the issue you are having with acrobat X is not supported over the chat . you need to check adobe forums on this issue. We do not support any such auto update issue over the chat .

          Malcolm Thornton: When you select update in Photoshop or Lightroom it launches CC.

          Rajat Rawat: we support acrobat XI and acrobat DC application

          Rajat Rawat: we do not support acrobat X

          Malcolm Thornton: Escalate this to your Manager please

          Malcolm Thornton: This is a CC issue!!!!

          Rajat Rawat: you do not have the acrobat CC application in your account sir .

          Malcolm Thornton: What part about that do you not quite understand?

          Rajat Rawat: but I can escalate this case to the team to check

          Malcolm Thornton: Are you a complete idiot?

          Malcolm Thornton: I understand that I don't have Acrobat under CC, that is what I have been saying for over an hour. Yet it is still listing it as an Update!!

          Rajat Rawat: sir if you do not have the creative cloud application and if you are getting the update with acrobat DC still this issue will be handled in adobe forums . You need to have a acrobat subscription for support on this creative cloud issue . If you are getting udpate issue with photo shop light room. We have our separate team for photoshop/lightroom CC over Chat and phone support 

          Rajat Rawat: from my end I can escalate this case to the next level team to check

          Malcolm Thornton: I should send a copy of the transcript to Mr Narayen so he can see what his support staff are like.

          Rajat Rawat: they can  check this and contact you back on this

          Malcolm Thornton: Can't believe you refused to escalate the issue, although being asked several times.

          Rajat Rawat: As I said earlier I am escalating this case to the higher level team to check

          Malcolm Thornton: Anyway, thank you for wasting my time. I hope you enjoy wasting others time today as well.