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    Index or Glossary with several names and multiple pages


      I have browsed through the discussions and tutorials to find more information about "de-doupping" variables with in the table of contents... I suppose that you are supposed to use the index tool for the index but come on... neither one of these tools seem like a good option for a 400+ page document. Do I seriously need to go back through every page and put one of those index markers in? I already did the paragraph style to get all of the Table of Contents stuff to work right. I'm working on a family book which includes lots of names that repeat or show up on other pages later. This has been a nightmare of a project to start. When I find out what a pain it is to try and make an index for this monster... I don't know what to do other than scream at this point.


      I would like for the names to show once and have a comma between the pages numbers if they repeat. For example:

      John Doe ......... 32,34,48


      not like this:

      John Doe..........32

      John Doe..........34

      John Doe..........48


      If anyone has advice on what magic button I may have missed to make life easier... please share before I shoot myself.