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    Background Problem


      I have been creating a large indesign project and it has suddenly started having issues with Page Background.


      I created a Colored Rectangle on the Master page, Moved it to the Back, and went about creating my project as normal.  Straightforward, Do it every day.


      I printed a copy of my layout for review, and deleted the box from the Master to save ink on the formatting print job.  When I went to recreate it, the trouble started. Now when I create the rectangle on the Master Page and push it to the back, my images come through on the content pages, but no matter what I do, my text frames will not show in front of the background.


      It also kicks up Preflight errors on the page numbers (also on the Master) and on a couple of text frames (Overset errors).  Delete the box and the Preflight clears.


      I'm sure that I've fumbled a setting. Any ideas?



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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          I assume that you do not work with layers. But you should do so.

          In any document I strongly recommend to create the following layers in a similar order. To make copy and paste problem less you should always use the same layer names and orders, and in the layer panel activate “Paste remembers layers”, bottom up:

          • Background (for page backgrpund colors)
          • Images (for raster images)
          • Graphic (for vector images)
          • Text (for text and anchored frames)
          • Pagina (for page numbers, running headers and footers)
          • Remarks (not for print, but personal remarks for later)
          • Guides (for guidelines for different document rasters)

          You should also not delete elements for editing others. Turn off their layers or lock them, it is faster, but you have to work with layers.

          It will simplify and fasten up your workflow.

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            If you put an object in any layer, save all objects in a Library or CC Library, you can create a layers very fast in any new document.

            1. Make a rectangle in any layer in the first document
            2. Select all rectangles
            3. Add them as geometry in the (CC) Library
            4. Delete all these layers in the document, as you don't need them anymore.


            Later in the new document:

            1. Be sure that in the Layer Panel menu “Paste remembers layers” is activated. (I recommend that this is the standard.)
            2. Drag the (CC) Library item into the new document.
            3. Delete these objects as long as they are selected. You will not need them in the future in this document.
            4. Delete the previous existing Layer 1
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              javgolaus Level 1

              Thanks so much. I'm very used to working in Layers in PS, but I guess I never stumbled upon that function in ID. You're a lifesaver!