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    unable to import  images to LR 5

    Roland J. Feiner

      Just got back home to Denver and found that all my work on Lightroom 5 was

      no longer available!


      I tried to import new images to "5' but was unable to do so.

      I succeeded in "6"!

      What a pity!

      I was a Adobe customer for years, but now regret.....

      Thank you for opening my eyes.

      It is a shame that your Co. needs to bully its way around.

      Thinking of getting legal advise.


      A disappointed user.

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          Atul_Saini Adobe Employee

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            bhousto90 Level 4

            Sounds like you are using both LR 5 and 6?


            LR6 catalogs are not backwards compatible with any previous Lightroom versions.

            (None of the higher numbered versions are backwards compatible with the lesser numbered versions... all are upwards compatible only.)


            If you have camera image files that are compatible with LR5 then you should be able to open your original unconverted LR5 catalog and import them there.

            If you do not have your original LR5 catalog/backup then you will need to start a new one.


            If you are using a newer camera then most likely it is only supported in the latest version of Lightroom 6/CC 2015.

            To use these files in LR5 you will have to perform a conversion to DNG first using the free Adobe DNG convertor software. (do a search in this forum for a link to the download)



            If these assumptions/solutions do not help then please describe your problem with greater details (exact LR version, OS version and camera model)