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    why LR6.3 does convert Leica M9 DNG files to Adobe DNG files upon import?




      I recently upgraded LR6.0 to LR6.3 and noticed that importing Leica M9 DNG files using the "copy as DNG" mode no longer converts the camera native DNG files to Adobe (compressed) DNG files. The camera files are simply copied and left untouched. I use uncompressed DNG files in my M9. The files are not compressed by LR upon import as they used to in previous versions (file date and size remain unchanged). The import ends with the message "non-raw files were not converted to DNG". Also, once imported, the command "validate DNG file" reports the imported files as non DNG...


      Note that I can still compress them manually once they have been imported using the "convert photo to DNG..." menu.


      Can anyone explain this behavior and tell me whether it is to be expected? Personally it makes no sense to me. After talking to others on the Leica forum, I found out that this is only true for the M9 files. The more recent M240, M246 cameras see their DNG files converted/compressed as expected upon import in LR.


      I also saw on this forum the following discussion which points to the same issue but without a definite answer as to what the problem could be and whether it would be solved in future releases:

      Re: "Copy as DNG" not working on Leica M .DNG files


      I am running the stand-alone version of LR6.3 on OS X 10.9.5.


      Thanks in advance for any help with this issue.