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    Having an issue with using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 with my new PC




      I have having an issue with using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 with my new PC I have built. I am sure I have researched the correct components that meet all of the software requirements and more. Here are the computer specifications:


      ASRock Fatality Z87 Professional Motherboard

      4 x 8GB (Total 32GB) DDR1600MHZ Kingston RAM

      ASUS GeForce GTX770 DirectCU II OC 2GB GDDR5 Video Card with Nvidia CUDA Support 1536 cores

      Intel i7 Quad Core 4770k 3.5Ghz CPU

      Silverstone 850W Power Supply

      Samsung EVO 840 250GB SSD x 2 (one for C: Drive - Windows 8.1 operating system, the other for scratch/working drive D: Drive)

      Western Digital 2TB 7200RPM SATA 6GB/s drive for video storage (E: Drive)

      Western Digital 1TB 7200RPM SATA 6GB/s drive for Audio backup files

      Western Digital 500GB 7200RPM SATA 6GB/s drive for everyday use

      Pioneer Blu-ray + DVD Burner

      Windows 8.1


      I am trying to edit 4K Video from my Go Pro into Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, however within the playback and editing panel windows of Premiere Pro, the video frames are lagging, slow and are static upon playback of the 4K Video File on the timeline.


      This is a screen shot of my basic new project default settings when opening a new project. I am unable to change the "Video Rendering and Playback" setting to - Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration. The Renderer setting are grayed out. When researching the NVIDIA Cards, NVIDIA Says the Geforce GTX770 is compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro.




      This is a view of the scratch drives set up on D Drive and the video files on E: Drive






      Please help me Adobe - I have no idea why this is not working. Is it because my Geforce GTX770 is 2GB VRAM only and I need to purchase a Geforce card with larger video memory like a Geforce GTX980, 980Ti or TITAN? Would this solve the Mercury playback GPU Acceleration issue or will purchasing Adobe Premiere Pro CC solve the issue? I have plenty of RAM (32GB) in the system and 2 x SSD drives so speed in this area should not be an issue, but from what I read elsewhere it appears VRAM on the GTX770 may be an issue - could you please provide some correct advice on what I need to do to make my system operational to handle 4K Video Editing using Adobe Premier Pro and rendering to 4K? I can confirm that I can playback these 4K Raw Video Files through Quicktime or Windows Media Player without any lag in frames.


      Thank You