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    CE_COPY_NOT_ALLOWED (Kobo Glo/Win7/ADE4.5)


      Where do I go next to troubleshoot the the "CE_COPY_NOT_ALLOWED - No permission to copy the book" error message? It displayed after attempting to drag a library book in ADE v 2 and then v 4.5 to my new Kobo Glo. I checked this forum and saw others had this same question. The last I checked this forum, and after taking the following steps, this question remained unanswered. I deauthorized ADE from my PC, reauthorized it, but the issue recurred. I also deauthorized ADE from the Kobo Glo and reauthorized it but the issue recurred. I upgraded ADE from v 2 to 4.5 but the issue recurred. I repeated the deauthorize/reauthorize procedure previously mentioned but the issue recurred. My Kobo Glo was purchased within the last month, and I made sure it has the latest firmware. I've sideloaded library books to tablets such as an older Nook Glo with ADE for years with no problem. Short of returning the Kobo Glo, which I love, I would look forward to learning next troubleshooting step, if any. I checked the Kobo "support" but could not find any new information of relevance for this issue. Thank you in advance.