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    Changing payment information [How to change from PayPal to credit card?]


      First, I need to ask, why is doing anything related to Adobe customer service such a nightmare? The support team is rude, if you can ever figure out how to get in touch with them, and their policies border on predatory. In the past, I have attempted to cancel my membership. I told them I could no longer afford the entire Creative Cloud, and I had no use for it. The response, "fine but you have to pay $264." What part of "could no longer afford" didn't translate? The representative was rude, unforgiving, and uncaring to my situation. Is this how Adobe treats their customer? Is extorting money from them as they run a little bit of a monopoly on the graphic design sector business as usual with them? Seems like it is.


      I could go on, but I just want an answer to my question. My credit card was recently compromised and I have had to change my subscriptions to anew card. I currently have my Adobe payment drawing from PayPal, but I want to change it to a credit card. I see no option to make those changes. So basically, not only is Adobe making me pay for a product I don't want (actually - I get nauseated every time I use their product because of the PTSD from the customer service experiences) but they are calling the shots on how I pay it. I would like to say that surprises me, but it doesn't.


      I can't wait until my year with this company is up.