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    Print to JPEG limit to 8.5 to 11 size page


      LR garde les limites de mon imprimante. Dans le module Print, je choisis ''Print to JPEG'' mais le format est limité a 8.5 x 11?

      Comment faire pour imprimer en JPEG en format 11 x 14?



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          sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Lupin,


          Could you please follow the below steps:

          • In the Print Job panel of the Print module, choose Print To > JPEG File.



            Specify a resolution between 72 ppi and 600 ppi in the File Resolution box.



            Specify the amount of Print Sharpening desired: Low, Medium, or High.



            Specify the amount of compression using the JPEG Quality slider. JPEG uses lossy compression, discarding data to make a file smaller. Drag the slider or enter a value from 0 through 100.



            Specify custom file dimensions by selecting Custom File Dimensions and entering values in the width and height fields.



            Specify color management options.