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    Cannot Duplicate a Layer to Include Effects & Transform...


      Hi there and Thanks for your time in advance…

      I am just trying to copy a layer [basic text - with existing effects-transforms]...and then paste it,

      but I lose all effects, transforms, etc. I have even tried pasting effects, transforms, material options... from the original layer,

      but don’t get the same results. Also have searched all over the internet for ideas…

      but still the same…any ideas?

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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did you try resetting the preferences?

          Did you try deleting the cache files?


          Exactly how are you copying and pasting?

          Are you doing it like this?


          Copy or duplicate a layer


          When you copy a layer, you copy all of its properties, including effects, keyframes, expressions, and masks.

          Duplicating a layer is a shortcut with which you copy and paste the layer with one command. Duplicating a layer with a track matte preserves the relative ordering of the layer and its track matte.

          When you paste layers, they are placed in the order in which you selected them before copying. The first layer selected is the last one to be placed, so it ends up on the top in the layer stacking order. If you select layers from the top first, they end up in the same stacking order when pasted.



          If you have a component of a layer—such as a mask or keyframe—selected when you copy, you copy only that component. Before copying, press Shift+F2 to deselect all of the components of a layer and leave the layer itself selected.


          • To copy selected layers and place the In points of the copies at the current time, choose Edit > Copy, and then press Ctrl+Alt+V (Windows) or Command+Option+V (Mac OS).
          • To copy selected layers and place the copies at the same times as the originals, choose Edit > Copy, and then choose Edit > Paste.


          To place copies at the top of the layer stack in the Timeline panel instead of immediately above the originals, press F2 to deselect the originals before you paste.

          • To duplicate selected layers, choose Edit > Duplicate or press Ctrl+D (Windows) or Command+D (Mac OS).


          from here:

          After Effects Help | Selecting and arranging layers

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            dr_mcgarry Level 1

            Hi Thanks for your reply!


            The issue isn't the positioning of the layer...it's the action of the layer...


            I have tried all of the above...same result...elements of the original are not there...as the effect or transform is not the same...

            even if i copy-paste the effect and transform after the layer is copied.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Make sure the selection tool (looks like an arrow at an angle) is active by selecting the timeline and pressing the letter v or going to the tool bar and selecting the first tool on the left

              Select the layer you want to copy in the timeline. To duplicate the layer press Ctrl/Cmnd + d and a new copy of the layer is created above the selected layer


              To copy a layer from one composition to another Select the layer in the original composition

              Press Ctrl/Cmnd + C to copy or choose Edit>Copy from the Menu

              Select the new composition

              Press Ctrl/Cmnd + V or choose Edit>Paste from the Menu to paste the layer you copied in the new composition


              That's all there is to it.


              To learn AE please start here: Basic Workflow