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    LightRoom Export Problem - edits and COLOR not accurate!!

    Bruce in Philly Level 1

      Thanx for your help.

      LightRoom 6.3, Win 10, Calibrated professional NEC monitor, all software up to date. Canon 5DSr, RAW files.

      Recently, LR is exporting incorrect color and maybe other edits. What is up with this? I did not change parameters/defaults etc. I can't really point to a date when this started happening, but maybe with the 6.3 update. I just noticed this a few weeks ago... I have not been processing much lately.

      Below is a screen "snip"..... I have LR in the background and opened the resulting JPG in Win 10 viewer.  I then moved the JPG in front of LR and made a screen snip.   The pic on the top is in LR Library after I developed the pic.  The pic below is the Win 10 JPG in the foreground.  (Note the Windows snipper does some degradation... that is not my issue, but please compare the "before" above with the "after" below).

      Colors are way more saturated and red.  More contrast....... I tried other photo/JPG viewers such as Picasa and all present the JPG the same way.

      I did create my own camera profile using ColorChecker passport and I do use this in LR as my default. But what I see in LR should be what is created when I export.... never had a problem before... maybe since the 6.3 update.

      I did nothing to the export function.... I haven't touched it in years.

      Looking at it now, the export dialog box shows:

      File Settings: JPEG, 100 Quality, sRGB color space, no size limit.
      Output Sharpening: Nothing checked.
      Metadata: Include ALL metadata
      Post Processing: Blank
      Watermark: none

      In other words, I have nothing touched (I think).

      My export settings and the comparison screen snip below.

      Bruce in Philly

      LR on top in background (in Library after Development)

      Win 10 viewer JPG below in foreground

      Pic here is a screen snip of the exported JPG in the foreground over top of LR with the developed RAW in the background.


      My Export Settings.