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    Fitting image to frame without streching it?


      I am new to in design. I am trying to fit an image inside a frame for a 8.5" x 11" document. The problem is when I use the fit image to the frame option the image appears stretched. It I use the fit image proportionately I have a space at the bottom and top. If I leave this image with the space will the document when printed also have that space or is there some way of making the image fit without stretching it or loosing some of the image?

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          Mikie9 Level 1

          Fill frame proportionally or fit frame proportionally are your only options if the image doesn't need to be stretched. If the image isn't proportional to your image frame you either lose part of the image or have blank space.


          Since this is the scripting section, here ya go


          frame.fit(FitOptions.FILL_PROPORTIONALLY);  - fill frame proportionally

          frame.fit(FitOptions.PROPORTIONALLY); - fit frame proportionally