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    Prototyping independent interactive areas

      I have a problem with creating what is beginning to seem like a rather advanced prototype in fireworks.
      I am trying to prototype two separate independent areas in one webpage. Each area has its own set of tabs. A click on a tab should change the tabs corresponding area (regardless of what is in the other area). A sketch of the setup: here.

      I understand that this can be built by creating a page (with links etc) for each possible combination of active tabs. Which would be a total of nine combinations in my example. The problem is that the amount of tabs is in reality much bigger. So creating a page for each possible page would be way too time consuming.

      I have looked through many tutorials and articles on prototyping with fireworks, but I have not been able to find one that would allow me to easily prototype this example.

      Is it possible to structure the prototype in some other way so that each combination does not have to be specified?
      How would you suggest I do this?