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    How do I download light room and integrate my mac photos into light room so nothing duplicates or goes crazy?  I get so wary...  I have nearly 7000 photos.


      I received Light Room and Photo Shop as Christmas gifts because I constantly complain about my Macbook Pro Photo program and the basic nature of it.  Can anyone coach me on how to download Light Room and integrate my existing photos that reside both on my Macbook Pro and on the iCloud storage into Light Room and Creative Cloud (I guess) seamlessly.  When I made the conversion from a PC to the Mac my photos multiplied like a rabbit and I spent many months trying to sort through them and actually abandoned the effort and to this day have many duplicates in my files.  I have nearly 7000 photos in my libraries.  I especially want to categorize them and be able to locate them easily.  However - I am not a big user of tags...  I prefer folders over tags.  I'll look forward to all replies and coaching.

      Many thanks.