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    LR Plugins

    jtmd300 Level 1

      I recently got a new computer. I am running LR CC on a Windows 10 system. I installed LR on the new computer. I alos have the Nik and OnOne plugins. I installed both Nik and OnOne 10 and when i right click/Edit in...the plugins don't appear in the drop down menu. The OnOne standalone appears with PS CC but none of the individual plugins for either Nik or OnOne. The Nik plugins are in PS CC Filters and the OnOne plugins appear in LR File/plugin extras... LR File/Plugin Manager says the OnOne files are installed and running but they don't appear in the right click/Edit in... menu. On my old computer all the plugins appeared in the right click/Edit in... menu. How do I get them to appear there in this computer? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling OnOne 10 but that didn't fix it.