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    Premiere Pro CC only using 35% CPU while rendering


      I have just build a new editing PC. Windows 10, 5820K (6 core, 3.8Ghz), GTX970, 16GB RAM.

      But for some reason my exports are taking longer on this than my 3 year old Retina MacBook Pro (2.3Ghz Quad). Premiere CC is using 40% CPU at most during a render, yet other programs like Handbrake (video compressor) are using 100%. Why?


      I have max performance turned on, allocated enough RAM etc, turned CUDA on AND off, no change. Exported to an SSD, no change. Tried different codecs, once again no change.


      Anyone else have this problem? Surely I'm not the only one? Seems kind of pointless to put so much money into building a PC when my main program only uses 35% of it.


      Hopefully this is solved in an update if its not just me!


      (I have also tried Adobe Media Encoder, no difference...)

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          Lots of threads on this, and Adobe just doesn't seem to get it... I think that Cuda is a dog, and that they cannot port it to multiple threads effectively. They will tell you that its the computer, but other programs have the ability to utilize CPU resources effectively... Adobe is overwhelmed. We are actively looking for a replacement to premiere.


          Numerous people have been messaging about this and it does not improve.