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    Remove Duration/Elapsed Time from Outline Tab

    Ndenko Level 1
      How do I remove the slide time that appears next to the title on the Outline Tab? I cleared the Duration heading and Elapsed time parameters in the Theme Editor but only the Duration heading was removed. I am using Adobe Presenter 6.1.479.
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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Using the theme editor and text editor you should be able to remove that text field entirely.

          With that said, you should look to go to Presenter 6.2 or Presenter 7 as this may have been a bug in 6.1

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            robva65 Level 2



            You've got 2 possible courses of action to pursue here.

            1. Modify the text labels for duration heading and elapsed time, both available from the Theme Editor from the Presenter menu in PowerPoint
            2. Modify the xml structure in the vconfig.xml file within the data directory of a published presentation.

            There are pros and cons to each method, but the process is fairly easy, regardless of which method you choose.


            Modifying the Text Labels:

            • In PowerPoint, access the Theme Editor from the Presenter menu
            • When the Theme Editor dialog box appears, click on the Text Labels button
            • When the Player Text Labels dialog box appears, look for 2 specific parameters: duration heading and elapsed time
            • Removing the parameters that appear to the right of those elements will prevent that information from displaying when you publish


            Modifying the vconfig.xml File:
            From a published deck, look for and open the data directory.  Open the vconfig.xml file using Notepad or TextPad (NOT Word!!!) or some other application that will not introduce formatting of any kind.  Find the following code block:

            <uitext name="ELAPSED" value=" %m Minutes %s Seconds Remaining "/>

            Simply eliminate the information in the value so it reads:

            <uitext name="ELAPSED" value=" "/>

            Save the .xml document, and re-run your course….No more elapsed time!



            • If you elect to change the text labels using the Theme Editor, you will eliminate the duration and elapsed time displays EVERY TIME you publish!  This is a GLOBAL edit…if you want to bring back the duration text/timing for your presentations, you'll need to reinsert the following, as an example, into the associated fields:
              Duration          Duration  (this is the “heading” that appears to the left of the elapsed time)


            Elapsed time  %m Minutes %s Seconds Remaining (this of course, is the actual time that is displayed)


            And then resave the theme.


            • If you elect to modify the xml doc, understand that you'd have to edit it each and every time you republish your PowerPoint deck.  However, the text labels will not be affected as you publish your presentation, or future published presentations.


            Hope that helps!