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    Lightroom sync numbers wrong


      My Lightroom sync numbers are wrong:

      1. Lightroom is stuck saying it has one more photo to sync
      2. Lightroom web shows the same number of photos uploaded as the number in the folder selected in Lightroom.
      3. Lightroom mobile on my ipad has synced 2 less than there are on Lightroom web or on the PC.

      I tried resetting Lightroom on the PC and deleted and reinstalled the iPad app. However, the end result was exactly the same as I had started with.

      My questions:

      1. Why does Lightroom think it is trying to sync one last photo when the number in Lightroom and the number in Lightroom web are the same.
      2. Why hy is the number in iPad Lightroom 2 less.

      TThe total number is 12910.