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    Bug: Adobe Air Print Stylesheets

    jbenson@oper8 Level 2
      When using Air to print an html file (already a silly process in of itself) it appears that Air doesn't actually use the @media "print" style sheet rules.


      @media screen { .noprint {display:none;} }
      @media print { .noprint { display:block !important; padding: 5px; border: solid 3px #0000FF; font-weight:bold; text-align:center; } }

      Does anyone have any word when Printing will be fixed in Adobe Air applications? It's really terrible as it stands now, and having to make hacks to display windows with alternate "screen" media stylesheets is just adding insult to injury.

      For now I will try to create a js/as bridge and attempt to use AlivePDF. If anyone has dreamed up any alternatives I'd really appreciate it.

      Here's some sample prints of the above test if needed:

      Sad, kinda gross looking, Adobe Air Print
      Happy, properly formatted, Firefox Print