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    InDesign impositioning question (spreads of different sizes)


      I have a booklet project that consists of 8 double sided spreads of two different sizes (5.5 x 16.5 and 5.5 x 14.625). The difference between the pages is because of how the item will fold and be saddle stitched after printing - The 6 pages on the left when the booklet is lying open to the center are 5.5" and 2 are 7.25", which creates a nice waterfall or tabbed booklet once finished.


      While the layout has been done successfully InDesign, I am not sure how to make the impositioning work. I've attempted to use the native Print Booklet feature in ID, but it will not work because the pages are of different sizes. I've also tried an impositioning plug-in that I purchased (Impositioning PlugIn for InDesign), but it doesn't work correctly either.


      Anyone have any ideas or have you encountered this before?

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          gert verrept Level 2

          Normally it's the printer who takes care of the imposition. Doing it manually wouldn't be that difficult in this case if all the pages where the same size. The best way to print the booklet yourself is to make a dummy, create two new docs in INDD, impose the pages (big and small separately) and then print the docs. Afterwards you can assemble them into one finished doc. Another way could be to make the whole project the same size and imposing it that way. After printing you'll have to trim the "little" pages.

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            sheilac80919329 Level 1

            Thank you for your reply! Yes, I realize that typically the printer is responsible for impositioning files to their specific equipment and workflow. However, in this instance, I am the designer AND printer - this will be a very small run printed in-house on a laser printer - at least at first.


            Yes, I had thought about the different documents, but hadn't tested that yet.


            Thank you for your suggestion!