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    Lightroom Issues


      So, I use Lightroom every day and have yet to run into a problem like this. Hoping that someone can be of assistance. I organize my photos in LR by a main folder for the current year, then creating a subfolder for what i name the specific photoshoot. All day today my LR has been running extremely slow, only LR no other browser or application, and when i select a specific photoshoot all photos remain as a blur and do not load properly. Also, i try to create a new subfolder for New Years within my main 2015 folder, but it will only allow me to type one letter for the folder and then freezes. Also, the current on the left side of LR will not minimize, it just stays open covering a portion of my photos.


      My Macintosh HD shows that it allows 900+GB, and that i currently have 800+GB (Roughly 1,900 photos) in LR. Might i add, I'm operating off of a 5K retina 27" that is only a few months old.


      Has anyone ran into similar issues? Do you think that i have too many photos on the program already to where i need to export them onto an external hard drive, then start fresh? I would find that hard to believe, as i still have about 200+GB left of memory.