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    Exported image quality/Viewing software


      Hi! I recently changed both LR version to 6 and my camera to m4/3. Since then I have some strange issues with .jpg quality. I don't think it is the camera since the RAW image looks good.


      Below is an example image, not all images get this effect only the darker ones and the darker parts. I am an amateur user so I already exhausted my ideas about the cause of this. I did not have this issue with my previous LR version/camera unless there was a lot of processing included but on the other hand then it was visible on the image before export. Now I'was mostly concerned about the amount of shadow adjustment but in the previous setup I did the same thing and had no issues - also tried setting it to "0" and since the parts are even darker the effect is more visible.


      I read a post (don't remember where but it was not my PC so I can't search history) that it may be the Windows Photo Viewer or other photo viewing software. the "Photos" app from Win 10 seems to get the job done, but I want the photos to display correctly in every program, how could this be achieved?


      I would appreciate any help regarding how does this happen and how to prevent/get rid of it.


      It appears this is cause not by LR processing but by viewing software but here is some additional information. also I've added the .jpg file at the bottom, maybe this issue is only present on my PC.


      Here is what I've done with the photo:

      Exposure -0,12

      Shadows +100

      Clarity +7

      Vibrance +7

      Saturation +5

      Sharpening 5

      Masking 80


      Export settings:

      Export to Hard Drive, Specific folder

      Resize: Long Edge 1200px/ 300dpi

      Colour: sRGB but the issue is the same with AdobeRGB

      JPG Quality: 100%

      Output sharpeining: None


      Img 1. Comparision RAW vs JPG


      Img 2. Comparision RAW vs JPG


      Img 3. JPG File