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    Looping animation ?


      I created a very simple animation, four layers placed o top of each other that appear one after another. It plays perfectly fine, the problem is that it plays one time. I tried to use the loop feature, activating it for all the layers, but the whole thing gets really messy, like the layers stop playing in order and instead they loop on their own time. Also, i tried to set delay time for each layer to force them to play in a certain order but that didnt work either. Then i tried on photoshop and it was perfect but i cant export it as a swf.

      i feel like this should be such a simple thing to do yet its been driving me crazy since yesterday, and i need to finish this thing tonight.


      Does anyone know how can i get the animated layers to continuously loop IN ORDER? Any advice would do, if you know of another program where i can do this is also helpful. Keep in mind that as a result i need a swf file.

      Thank you in advance

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          AnshulJain19 Adobe Employee

          Hi Lucia,

          In InDesign, there is a way to play animations together and loop them. Steps to do this are, open Window->Interactive->Timing panel, select all the objects there and click on 'Play together' button in bottom bar of panel and then assign delays to 2nd onward objects as required then select whole group in Timing panel and select Loop. This approach should work for swf. You may also need to set 'Hide after animating' for animated objects in Animation panel.



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            TREX Level 2

            Hello recurring3


            I was in the process of putting a quick guide for you before AnshulJain19 answered your question.


            Anyway hope it is still of use. See below (I am using Indesign CS5.5)