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    consolidating multiple catalogues from various LR versions, 2 windows computers and 2 hard drives


      I have Lightroom since v2, now on v5 but want to move to CC. I have multiple catalogues but only because i have used several computers and external hard drives over the years. I want to create one catalogue file before moving to CC. I have trialed Lightroom 6 on one windows laptop running windows 10 (upgraded from windows 7), and lightroom 6 has created its own lrcat. Some years ago i started to work with external hard drives and I now now have .lrcat files littered across 2 external hard drives, a laptop running windows 10 and a tablet (Dell) also running windows 10. I have been reading up on lrdata files and xmp files and I have no clue how to bring these all together into one place where I can find all my photos and all the edits i have done since starting with LR2. I (genuinely) have a doctorate in physics and this has reduced me to tears. I have spent many days on it and have not made any progress. I have looked for .lrcat files by size and by date. I have no idea which to choose to be the parent catalogues of my new universal catalogue. I know I am in no danger of losing photos, but I fear losing hundreds of creative hours turning those images into my vision. How can you help?