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    Sound lost when importing video


      Hi there, I'm looking for help.

      I hope I describe my problem correctly even though English isn't my first language.

      I use Adobe Premiere Elements 13 to edit a video that consists of some chapters. Each chapter consists of some clips. Now for one chapter (consisting of four clips) I have a problem that when importing the clips some audios won't appear. All clips have sound when I use other players to watch them. With several attempts of switching off the computer, restarting the software and reconnecting the external hard-drive I could solve the problem for three of the clips. But the longest remains difficult. This video is 6:43 minutes long and filmed with my phone in .mp4 and has sound. I have tried it several times already and my biggest success was that the audio-track showed me a bit of a wave in the beginning but was lost after that again (see picture). I gave it time to load the sound and started an extra project just for that clip but nothing helped.


      I run out of ideas and hope that someone of you can help me!


      Thank you in advance.



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Premiere Elements 13 on what computer operating system? Have you updated 13 to 13.1 yet using an opened project's Help Menu/Updates?


          With regard to this one Chapter and its 4 files (assumed file with both video and audio components)...


          1. What happens if you move these files from the external hard drive to the Local Disk C, perhaps, if Windows, My Videos Folder. And, then you import them into the project with the project's Add Media/Files and Folders/?


          2. Also of concern....you mention that you recorded these videos with your cell phone. Cell phones are known to record using a variable frame rate. Premiere Elements has problems with file with variable frame rate. The usual remedy is to convert the file with the variable frame rate to one with a constant frame rate. This has been done in the free HandBrake program. Then you import the HandBrake H.264.mp4 with variable frame rate into the Premiere Elements project using the project's Add Media/Files and Folders/


          3. What are you recording with your phone - 1080p30 Stereo or 1080p30 5.1 channel or something else? What is your project preset after the videos are on the Timeline? See Edit Menu/Project Settings/General and the readings for Editing Mode, Timebase, Frame Size, Pixel Aspect Ratio (even if the fields look grayed out).


          Please consider, and supply details. Then we will put the information together to arrive at a solution. How to details will be supplied as needed.


          Thank you.



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            amo_rosam Level 1

            Thank you for your quick reply!


            I will try to understand and find out everything you suggested now. Might take a little while.

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              amo_rosam Level 1

              I can't believe it worked out! I feel quite silly because I made fun of solutions I googled that suggested to make sure the speakers work. My solution was to save the video on my computer instead of my hard drive. Thanks a lot for your help!

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Wonderful news, "....it worked out!" with the consideration for where the file was stored on the computer.


                Thanks for the great troubleshooting information supplied and for letting us know the outcome.


                Best wishes moving forward with your Premiere Elements projects.