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    InDesign cannot close

    cadispraha Level 1

      Hello, could you be so kind and try to help me, please? I can't close Indesign CC 2015... Whe I try it, Indesign returned:"InDesign cannot close because one or more background tasks. This message will close automatically when all the required tasks have been completed." (translation from czech version)
      No any task from backgound taks window is running and this message/task never ending. I can open file, normal work with this file, close it, print it  - all is working fine. Sometimes I can't see the right paragraph style - all paragraphs looks like made by one style (many styles used in document). But I can't close Indesign always. I can only kill it.

      I tryed to reinstall it - all looked fine for some time and now I am in troubles again.

      Indesing takes 13 % of processor load. But when I am working with doc, this load is normal 1-2 %. But when I closed doc then load is back at 13 %.

      Thx a lot for help...

      Regards... Ilja

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          What is your OS? Have you installed the latest patch (11.2.xx) for CC 2015?


          Does this happen with any file you might have opened, or only a specific file?

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            cadispraha Level 1

            Win 7 64 Czech version. Yes, I have installed the latest update ID CC 2015.
            I can't close Indesign right after start. Doesn't matter if I open any doc or not. ID uninstall helped (for a while) when I removed all settings. When I simply reinstall ID that didn't help.

            Now I suspect Distiller as the reason for this problem - I reinstall all Adobe sw and when I print for ex. exel file to pdf, this took aprox 5 minutes. But when I killed all acrobat/distilers processes, then print took few seconds with fresh started processes... Continuing with investigation

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              cadispraha Level 1

              Done, found Q2ID from Markzware as the source of problems. After uninstallling all is ok now.