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    Lightroom crashes when opening Develop Modual.

    Kelly Dazet

      I have used LR3, LR4 and LR5 Desktop for years now without issues. I have just subscribed to CC Photography and now I have problems.  First, Lightroom CC is overall much slower that LR5.7. The main problem is however, when I try to open the develop modal, about 25% of the time, LR freezes/crashes and I have to close and reopen.  When LR reopens, it opens to an entirely different folder and photo, For now I've reverted to using LR 5.7 as I have work to do and don't have time to deal with issues like this this. I'm very disappointment so far. Hope this is fixable with a minimum of fuss. Don't like paying money for a product that doesn't function properly. Normally I would have just upgraded to LR 6 desktop, but I found no upgrade pricing available so I feel like I was forced into CC. Don't need PS.as I use On1 Photo 10 which is more than adequate for my purposes.  So why upgrade at all?  Well because Adobe doesn't give me the latest lens and camera profiles with LR5.7.