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    Using Lightroom with Network Allocated Storage


      Hi,  I have seen this question come up in searches, but I can't find any threads from the last couple of years or for Lightroom CC so I'm hoping there is new information or maybe new features that I haven't come across yet.  My situation is this, I keep my catalogs in self contained packages with the lcat file, backups folder, and catalog data (photos) folder all in a single top level folder relative to itself so that I can easily transport each event across different storage devices.  I'm running Lightroom CC and until today have kept my catalog packages on external drives that I have to physically move from my laptop to my desktop and back depending on which machine I am using.


      I've been thinking about how lucky I've been (knock on wood) that these drives have yet to die on me given all the abuse they take, so with things going well I figure, ya know, it's time to step up to the next level and get a nice big chunk of network storage and just work on my packages from there.  I got a Synology DS415+ and I love it so far.  After setting it up, I copied a smaller catalog package to it and discovered the whole "Lightroom wasn't designed to work with network drives" issue.  I understand the problem that lead to the limitation, but I'm hoping that perhaps there is something newly available to Lightroom CC or some kind of "I acknowledge the risks blah blah" waiver check box since I do not believe the way I work would expose me to the file lock corruption problem.  Anyone found a workaround for this yet?


      Any and all help is much appreciated, Thanks!