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    how do i remove unuse photos in book




      How do I remove unused photos from an already-saved book?  Once you "Save it", you can potentially remove all further photos from the book, so you can't add anymore.  I figured this out and was able to re-add them.  But now that I'm finished the book, how do I re-save and remove the thousands of  unused photos?  Seems you can only save the thing once.


      Also, how can I create a book in a separate collection (named "Books") and set the book to point to another specific collection?   For example, want to group all books in a collection called "Books" and when I create a new book, I want to point it to a specific collection of photos, save it and not lose all those photos, and then re-save it at the end, so the book only contains used photos.



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          dj_paige Level 9

          I'm pretty sure you can click on Create Saved Book as many times as you want. If you have unused photos, there's really no problem if you leave them in the book, they're not hurting anything, I would just leave them there.

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            mikem31269922 Level 1

            Hi DJ,


            Thanks for your response.  Once you click on "Create Saved Book" that goes away, never to be seen again.  So I'm not sure where to click.


            Also I just noticed another thing - I created a book initially when I was in a "Smart Collection" (Photos 2015).   Once created, I then added more photos from another camera.  The total number of photos for 2015 in the smart collection went up, but was not updated in the book.


            I am very unclear how the pointers/update process works once you create a book.  It doesn't seem to detect the newly added photos and only has the total number of photos that was in this smart collection previously.


            How do I update this link, or maybe add pointers to other collections - later, if I want to pull photos in from another source or collection?



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              dj_paige Level 9

              You are correct, I mis-remembered. Once you click on Create Saved Book, the button goes away, and then all of your changes are automatically saved into the book, no need to tell Lightroom to do a save.


              I have never created a book from a smart collection, I have only created books from regular collections. However, if I add a photo to the collection, it becomes available to the associated book.


              I think if you are going to be creating a book and possibly adding other photos in the future, you want to create a special collection for this book, and then adding photos to the collection at a later time works very easily.

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                WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                Remove Unwanted images from the (Saved) Book Collection.


                My Workflow-

                1. Start a new Book by creating a ‘Standard’ Collection of chosen images.
                2. Goto the Book Module (Top Module  Menu)
                3. Set Book Preferences from the top menu- “Book > Book Preferences”
                4. In Book Preferences- Set “Zoom to Fit”- on.  (Can always ‘Zoom to Fill’ later if wanted)
                5. In Book Preferences- Turn off “Start new books by autofilling”
                6. Create a “Saved Book” by- CTRL+S, or Click the Tab [Create Saved Book], or from the [Book] Menu.
                7. Name your Book design as you want it to appear in the Collection Panel.
                8. In the [Auto Layout] Panel click the Drop-down menu for [Preset:]
                9. Edit your preferred “Auto Layout Preset”  (One Photo per Page,…. Etc)
                10. Make your book design from the images on the film strip- ‘Manually’ by adding pages and images one-by-one, OR- press [Auto Layout] in the Auto Layout Panel.
                11. Exit the Book Module, back to Library Grid view.
                12. DELETE the ‘Standard’ Collection used to start the new book- you will NEVER use this again!
                13. ALWAYS RE-OPEN YOUR BOOK design by clicking the WHITE ARROW at the end of the “BOOK Collection” in the Collections panel. (It is shown with an icon that looks like a Book!)
                14. To Add more photos to your Book- Exit the Book Module to the Library Grid view, Select one or more photos, and drag them onto the “BOOK Collection” in the Collections Panel. Re-open the book as in 12.
                15. Add your photos to “New” pages in your book by dragging them from the Film-strip onto a page.
                16. NEVER click on [Auto Layout] or [Clear Layout] again, unless you want to start afresh.
                17. For ‘Copies’ of a book- Right-click the Book Collection and “Duplicate”. Remove or add photos as wanted in the ‘new’ Book Collection (Not in the Book Module).