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    How to resolve scaling issue with LR6 drop-downs?


      When drop-down boxes are opened in LR, such as the one for preferences (example snip attached) or for exporting images, some of the text by checkboxes is illegible.  I am using LR on my second monitor (a 24" 1900 x 1200) which is an extension of the laptop display (a 15" "4K" 3840 x 2160).  In case this is of any consequence, in order for LR to scale correctly on the 24" monitor I had to de-select the use of the NVidia graphics processor in the LR Preferences Performance tab, as with this selected the computer seemed to only project LR at 4K resolution/scaling onto the 24 inch FHD monitor (so it was not possible to see the full LR application).  Here is the example of the remaining scaling issue I am now trying to resolve. Can anyone advise how to remedy this?? Thank you.


      LR Preferences image.PNG