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    Correct aperture of the lens in lightroom 6

    cesarec52138155 Level 1


      why the photo take with my lens Leica Summilux 50mm f1/4 asph at f/1.4 don`t report the correct aperture of the lens in lightroom 6

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          sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi cesarec,


          Are you able to see the correct information in any other application?

          If not then may be the information has not been added properly by the camera.

          You may manually edit the information.




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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            If this is a Leica M lens then there is no method for writing the actual aperture setting you have on the lens into the metadata of the image file. Leica M digital camera only record the lens name, Summilux, summicron and so one, and the maximum aperture that lens has. None of the Leica M lenses have any electronic in them. The only way the camera knows which lens is attached is by the 6 black or white coding recesses on the lens and the optical reader for those recesses in the lens mount on the camera.


            Leica has set up the camera software to Guess at what the actual aperture might be using the ambient light sensor on the camera body and the amount of light hitting the imaging sensor in the camera along with knowing what the Max aperture is for the lens that is attached.


            I have thousands of Leica M8 images with many different Lenses, most Leica lenses, and none of them display the correct, actual, aperture value I had set on the lens. Some are close and some are not. Maybe every now and then the camera gets it right but that is just Dumb Luck.