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    Opening multiple .dng through Camera raw in Bridge to use in Premiere Pro?


      I was going off of this video ( CINEMA DNG & PREMIER PRO CS6 - YouTube ) to try and colour grade all of my .dng files and then take them into premiere pro to put in my timeline. Whenever I try to select all the files and open in camera raw, it gives me the notification of " ". I can open a singular file in photoshop by double clicking it and colour grade it that way but obviously I can't do that for every single file in the video, and it still doesn't help me with the import.

      Even trying to open one file in camera raw gives me the notification. I tried googling the issue but they're all suited towards opening it in photoshop, which I can do, just can't open multiples as seen in the video.

      I'm running Bridge, Photoshop and Premiere Pro on CC.

      Many thanks