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    Using dropdown list validation to set a value


      I am using a dropdown list in a Adobe Acrobat Pro DC form to determine a fee to be charged the client.  I have inserted the following javascript into the validation script of the dropdown list field:


      // Set the value of the LTtotal1 field based on selection


      var LTtotal1 = 0.00;

      if(this.getField("LogoText1").value == "Logo") LTtotal1 = this.getField("LogoFee").value;


      if(this.getField("LogoText1").value == "Text") LTtotal1 = this.getField("TextFee").value;


      LTtotal1 = 0.00;


      As I execute the form, I get a delayed setting of the variable - it only sets a value for LTtotal1 when I return to the field and select a different value.  Yes, I am advancing fields with tab.  I am at a loss on how to make this work.


      Any ideas?