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    sFTP & private key for image upload on an Amazon Instance


      When are you going to support exporting files to upload to my Amazon server Instance via a SFTP using a Private Key? and not a password


      Amazon are very secure and do not allow FTP, i do not want to compromise my VPC only allowing FTP i require SFTP with a Private Key not a password.


      If you can't do it ADOBE, then point me in the right direction for a 3rd party developer who may have the answer.


      This looks like it has been going on for several years from v3 of LR.


      The reason I require this, is because I manage my own Amazon VPC and instances and have Linux servers running PHP to several Image Hosting sites, I manage all my images that i retouch in PS & Lightroom v6 and wish to upload to those instances servers directly from LR without compromising Amazons Security policies that I set, that's why i need a Private Key access to lock it down to my IP and private key only when uploading