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    LR CC impossibly slow in Develop module


      I just got Lightroom CC and a new iMac with Retina display on Tuesday.  I have a fusion drive 1TB.  Everything was working great until today, when suddenly the adjustment brushes slowed down to such an extreme that I cannot edit my images. Every time I click on the brush or heal tool, the spinning wheel pops up for several seconds.  Then when I make an adjustment, it takes about 20 seconds for the brush stroke to show up in the history panel and an additional 15 seconds or so for the adjustment to appear on the image.  Zooming in and out also takes several seconds.  Here are the strategies I have already tried:

      Restarting my computer

      Turning off the GPU

      Turning on the GPU

      Taking LR offline

      Purging my cache

      Increasing my cache

      Making the screen smaller

      Decreasing the resolution

      Restarting LR

      Redistributing my files among folders, so the folders are smaller

      Making all my files DNG

      Changing my Raw compatibility - it was on the latest, and then I tried the version prior

      Everything is completely updated

      I do not use a Wacomb tablet ( I read in the forums that some people were having this issue and Adobe suggested the tablet could be the problem)


      Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated! I am on a deadline with an extremely important client and I think I'm getting an ulcer


      Thank you in advance for taking the time!


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          Mrinmay Majhi Adobe Employee

          Hi Rachel,


          Please disconnect the USB devices and check for the issue.

          If you still face any issue, please try creating a new catalog and then check.



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            dj_paige Level 9

            It's not the USB devices, and it's not going to be solved by a new catalog. Use of a lot of adjustment brushes (and/or a lot of spot healing) on a photo will cause the develop module to slow to a crawl. Your symptoms are exactly what you would expect from using a lot of adjustment brushes (and/or a lot of spot healing).


            Some things you can try:


            1. Do the brushing (and spot healing) as the next to last step, with lens corrections turned off; and as the last step, turn on the lens corrections (and all the while, please be 100% sure you have turned off the GPU ... I know you said you did, but I would double-check and triple-check)
            2. Do the brushing (and spot healing) in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements
            3. Get a faster CPU
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              rachelb92394081 Level 1

              Thank you, dj_paige! That makes sense -- when I move on to another image

              and start over, LR is back to it's normal speed, but as I make more

              adjustments, it eventually slows down considerably.  I don't normally do

              this much retouching, so I had no idea   Moving on to Photoshop for

              these.  Thanks again!