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    Hide Proof Preview pane on secondary image display window?


      Opened LR 6.0 today (first-time user).  Imported 3 images, selected one using Navigator and it appeared correctly on Navigator preview window.  Switched to Develop and image did not appear on main preview screen, what appeared is a dark-blue overlay-type screen with a reversed corner X in white.  Correct image remained in the smaller Navigator pane.

      When I attempt to switch screens with the icons below the main image area, it will not switch to a full-frame, it will only switch to a split screen dividing the screen in half horizontally or vertically--showing a portion of the actual image with a same-size blue box in the pane.

      I've been all over View and Window trying to find how to 'turn-off' the blue preview with no success. What am I missing?  Thanks. Mike